About Us


Thanks for being here.

We are in the business of crafting a remarkable experience for you and your clients, which elevates your practice at the same time and fundamentally impacts the global mental health care industry.

We believe that one’s environment and surroundings have the power to change and move people at the core level.

Our Mission

We wanted to help therapists and clinicians get excited to grow their practice, because we know how hard it can be, especially if you are new or have too many expenses going on.

We are devoted to creating comfortable and thoughtful rooms that inspire deeper connections between you and your clients, as you grow your practice to newer heights.

Capture the hearts and minds of your clients in a comfortable, well-designed, professional office that doesn’t break the bank.

You deserve better, and we want to support you as you support others.


Serving is in our DNA

Whatever your needs are, consider them met. Our team is here to help with your concerns. And your clients? They can expect the same treatment. Because your guests are our guests.


Make yourself at home

Comfort is serious business here. Our rooms prioritise your and your client’s comfort, personal space and productivity.


Build your connections

Because no man is an island. When you become part of our community, you get added to our directory of professionals, have access to exclusive educational content and online events, and be given access to software that can bring your professional goals into reality.

Made by a clinician, for clinicians.

Meet The Founder

A Registered Clinical Psychologist Here to Support You

My name is Dr. Helen Tsui and I am a Clinical Psychologist with an active practice in Auckland, NZ.

With special interest in the brain, children, and families, I got my Ph.D. from the University of Otago and years of experience working with countless families with unique experiences.

I founded exPSYted as a way to enable mental health care providers and therapists like you to run an efficient practice, while at the same time enjoying their work and staying focused on their chosen craft.

Here's why... In today's times and market, having a modern, stylish place of practice that your clients will also appreciate can mean all the difference between a full client list or a stagnant and unprofitable business.

However, there are so many issues with running your own place, and let's not get started on the time investment required to do so. Here’s a few roadblocks I can mention:

→ High costs of fit-out, utilities, and technological softwares

→ Huge commercial bond

→ Landlord issues (especially during COVID-19)

→ Exorbitant miscellaneous costs (internet, insurance, cleaning, etc.)

I've run my own private clinic and really understand the pain that comes with trying to manage the side of having your own place. I've discovered that clients are more interested in what's on the inside than your name on the door. What really counts: Waiting room. Toys. Therapy room. Kitchen. Facilities. Warmth and ambience.

exPSYted is going to give you everything you need to answer the question - "Where should I practice?" And that’s without having to commit to a long-term lease or ownership. Here, we’re dedicated to making private practice viable by creating the environment, community, and support for practitioners like you to thrive.


The only all-in-one solution for therapists and clinicians looking for exceptional rooms and office spaces for their private practice.

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